Grey maternity belt

This organic maternity belt was designed by B & F for the well-being of the mother and her child, to protect them from all external nuisances ( wireless phones , smartphones, TV , wifi , microwave ... ) .

Its special textile is made of organic cotton and of copper threads coated with silver yarns, providing a 99% protection against electromagnetic fields up to 1,9 GHz.

  • Double thickness of organic cotton plus radiation shield fabric
  • Gathered sides
  • Organic elastic jersey at the back
  • Provides a strong support for the mummy to-be and her baby
  • Fits perfectly every curve ( 4 sizes available) and every outfit ( 3 different colors)

An accessory that emphasizes your forms subtly, and supports nicely your belly filling out with the passing months.

Ref. C001-G

Size : S or M or L or XL

Care instructions :

Shielding :