White maternity belt

The pregnancy belt bio "brand B & F " was designed for the well- being of women and children.

It will protect you and your child against all external nuisances ( wireless phone , Smartphone, TV , wifi , lighting , microwave ... ) .

The anti- tissue waves ( compound cotton and silver coated copper son ) provides 99% protection against the 1.9 GHz electromagnetic fields.

This headband future mom is designed cotton double thickness Bio and anti- wave fabric (made of cotton and copper coated with silver son ) , closed at the back by an elastic jersey Bio providing good support.

  • Ruched sides.
  •  Help protect your baby electromagnetic waves.
  •  Provides full belly and holding your baby.
  •  Adapts to the contours of your body ( more sizes available).

An accessory that nicely emphasizes the forms and also keeps the belly swells over the month.

Ref. C001-B

Size : S or M or L or XL

Care instructions :

Shielding :